Electric Cars bring a whole new parts market

It has been reported that by 2020 electric cars are going to have a 10% market share in the European markets and with that happening there will definately be a trickly effect over to North America.  Making Used Auto Parts now become a whole new market place.  The infrastucture is the only big obsticle standing in the way of these cars having a big impact.  It will mean having charging stations.  Soon coming is the end of gas stations and onto charging stations.  This is going to be a very tricky transition to have happen and it will be amazing to see what takes place over the next decade as we move on to a whole new generation of market place.  As for now the market will slowly transition into the gasoline hybrids that are availible as a pose to pure Electric Vehicles.  Can’t wait to see what is ahead of us and what this will mean to places like Auto Parts Inc who are a large supplier of Used Car Parts.

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