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Ford expanding in China

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Ford is planning to add another 100 dealers in China this year.  This will bring the total number of dealers to 340.  Ford is a globally respected name brand that is found just about everywhere. 

China and India are the new focus of the manufacturer.  With surging increases in expendible income in those parts is causing for Ford to pay close attention to those area’s.

Auto Parts Inc is planning to expand it’s used auto parts business into other area’s of the world.  Eventually becoming a global empire of the used auto parts market.  When you think parts think

The new Leaf from Nissan

Monday, June 21st, 2010

The first Electric Car (EV) to go on sale starting December of this year in the US.  The launch of this car has sparked the building of a training center in California to support sales of the new Leaf car that will be launching in December.  This means that soon major changes are on the way for the Used Auto Parts industry.  Now with this new technology coming it will spark a completely new world of knowledge that will have to be learn’t by the industry to keep up with the new vehicles that will be coming to market soon.   Keep your eye’s peeled for this new cars that have a sticker price of $32,780 which falls drastically with the federal tax rebates bringing the price right in around $25,000.

Corvette’s for Media Exposure?

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

GM decided to give a Corvette away to Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga right after he messed up his perfect game.  It is said that it was worth millions in media coverage as the give away was announced in over 700 slots on Television.  Not to mention all the other places that it came up.  Including here at Auto Parts Inc.   Corvette’s have always witheld there special sports car status admist recessions and rising gas prices.  They always seem to come out laying rubber.   If your in the market looking for Corvette Parts or other Car Parts for any make and model of vehicle then just click on the link and come on over to Auto Parts Inc and we’ll lay rubber getting the parts to your door step.  So you can get where you need to go quickly.

Mercury shutting it’s doors

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

CEO Alan Mulally said today that Mercury will be shutting it’s doors.  Now there is a massive restructuring going on at Ford that will cause for a large amount of cash to be injected into the Lincoln line up.  I suppose Ford is following the money trail.  This will mean that used auto parts for Mercury vehicles will become ever more popular!!  This will mean that auto parts for Mercury will either be gotten by after market means or by finding them in places like Auto Parts Inc on the used market.

Recalls !!

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Chrysler has recently recalled approximently 600,000 vehicles in the US alone with doors that could catch fire and sticky accelerator problems as well.  This is scary stuff, what’s with all the recalls going on lately?  Toyota had to recall a range of it’s vehicles due to accelerator problems.  How is this going to impact the parts industry down the road?   Well hopefully not at all when it comes to these Car Parts that have gone bad because the hope is that all these recalls will get that out of the way.  However it has to make you wonder just how many other problems are going unconsidered by these monster companies?  It’s really tough to say.   It used to be that you could get in your car and trust that you would safetly make it to your destination.  Now it’s tough to say that you might die because an accelerator pedal went bad.

Toyota and Nissan sales Jump

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Toyota and Nissans sales really skyrocketed in the last year with Toyota reporting a 62 percent increase in car productivity and Nissan around 57% in response to sales demands coming from Japan and North America.  This is absolutely amazing considering what weve all heard about most recently with the big 3 auto makers.  This will mean a drastic change coming in the type of Auto Parts that you will see getting requested for in years to come.   It would seem that New Car sales haven’t dipped all that much there’s just been a major transition to where people are deciding to buy there cars from and where they invest their money.   Auto Parts Inc currently gets most of it’s car parts requests from GM and Ford with Toyota being a close 3rd place.  We expect in years to come that this will transition given how the car market is moving.   Who would have thought?

Honda Parts gets shut down

Friday, May 28th, 2010

In Tokyo Honda has had several of it’s plants shut down siezing vehicle production.   Most recently a plant that produces parts for this major manufacturer has also shut down with workers demanding a pay rise.  More and More need for alternative solutions is going to hit the market place and this is where places like auto parts inc can be the solution to your used auto parts needs

Electric Cars bring a whole new parts market

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

It has been reported that by 2020 electric cars are going to have a 10% market share in the European markets and with that happening there will definately be a trickly effect over to North America.  Making Used Auto Parts now become a whole new market place.  The infrastucture is the only big obsticle standing in the way of these cars having a big impact.  It will mean having charging stations.  Soon coming is the end of gas stations and onto charging stations.  This is going to be a very tricky transition to have happen and it will be amazing to see what takes place over the next decade as we move on to a whole new generation of market place.  As for now the market will slowly transition into the gasoline hybrids that are availible as a pose to pure Electric Vehicles.  Can’t wait to see what is ahead of us and what this will mean to places like Auto Parts Inc who are a large supplier of Used Car Parts.

A wide range of Auto Parts

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Auto Parts have been sought after by many people.    Often times the biggest challenge is finding the right selection of Used Auto Parts in one place.  Auto Parts Inc is now the solution.  If you need rims, engines, transmissions or a simple door mirror.  This is the place to go.  Ever since automobiles were put into production in the early 1900’s in a big way there has been a growing need to find parts for vehicles.   Normally consumers need to go shopping here there and everywhere to find the best price on individual parts.  Now you can stop all the hunting and just come to one place.  Some have Ferrari’s that need parts and some have a Chevrolet and it doesn’t matter if the car was built in 1970 or is a current model.  Auto Parts Inc has the part for you.  Why spend enourmous amounts of time searching all over the place when you can just come to one place to find all that is right for you?

Auto Parts for all

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Auto Parts are now made easily accessable for all!!  Once upon a time you would have to go here there and everywhere looking for them but now they come right to your door step.  The internet has now made anything from getting a coffee maker to a BIG screen TV able to come right to your house without stepping one foot outside.  Auto Parts used to also be very pricey when it came to trying to find a bargin you would have to wonder from store to store or yard to yard.  Now with places like you can just simply fill in your information and all the shopping is done for you.  Now that’s smart shopping !!